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Sign Language Interpreter Shares “The Weirdest Thing I Ever Interpreted For”

Left image shows a comedian getting questions from the audience. Right image shows the sign language interpreter answering the question.

Gianmarco Soresi is a stand-up comedian and actor. During a comedy show, the audience asked his sign language interpreter an odd question. “What is the weirdest gig she’s signed for?” Her answer surprised him. She signed, “The weirdest thing I have ever interpreted for was a birth.”

What followed was comedy improv gold. He began by asking who she was interpreting for: the mother giving birth. Part of her duties included telling the new mom when to push and when breathe as the birth coach gave instructions. That’s when the discussion got a little dicey. For those who have never seen a live birth, when the baby travels through the birth canal it can cause the head to appear cone-shaped.

Images show comedian Gianmarco Soresi acting out exaggerated sign language interpretation.
Image from TikTok.

Gianmarco Soresi launched into a parody of the interpreter signing this portion with exaggerated motions and saying, “Don’t freak out! Baby lughlllll.” At this, the sign language interpreter is laughing uncontrollably. She launches into an immediate explanation that the baby had a full head of black hair and she didn’t realize that at first. All she saw was the cone and it was all black, which made her wonder, “Who’s gonna tell her that she’s not having a baby?” That was too much for Gianmarco who covered his face while uttering, “Oh my God.”

Images show a sign language interpreter relating a difficult job she once had interpreting for the mother during the birth of a baby.
Image from TikTok.

As the sign language interpreter continued, she explained that once the baby came out she could see the face. The slight five-second delay in her sign language interpretation saved what could have been an embarrassing situation. Gianmarco continued his improvisation of the scene and the result was hilarious. Fortunately, the situation resolved, saving the day for the sign language interpreter.

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