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5 Heroes Of WWII You’ve Never Heard Of

World War II may have ended over 70 years ago, but the incredible stories are continuing to surface that leave us amazed. There was the 21-year-old American soldier whose rediscovered sketchbook gave us new perspective into history. Then there was the heartwarming love story of 2 Holocaust survivors. Most recently, we shared a story with you of a nurse who hid children from Nazis in coffins.

We all studied World War II in school, but it seems there are more stories and characters out there than what our teachers could cover in one class! That’s why we’ve researched 5 lesser-known heroes of WWII who you may not have heard of. Check out these brave men and women below…

1. Nancy Wake

  • via Wikipedia

    Known as “The White Mouse,” Nancy Wake started WWII as a nurse for the Allied Forces, but became the Gestapo’s most wanted person by 1943. 

    She was trained in espionage, was a leading figure in the marquis groups of the French Resistance, and became the Allies’ most decorated servicewoman.

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