5 Joyful Military Homecomings That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Soldiers hugging their loved ones during military homecomings.

Military homecomings can be incredibly moving. When family members, friends, or romantic partners have been separated for months, finally getting to see each other again is like a dream come true! Then, of course, there’s the overwhelming relief that, at least for now, the returning soldier is safe and sound. It’s no wonder that so many people choose to film the beautiful moments their loved ones return from service!


Humans aren’t the only ones who get emotional during military homecomings. Soldiers who leave pets behind while on duty are always heartily welcomed back by their four-legged friends! Although animals probably don’t know the dangers their owners have been facing, they’re still ecstatic to see them come home.

Here are some of the most beautiful military homecomings of all time. Be sure to keep a box of tissues handy!

1. These lovebirds were separated for a while, but now they have the rest of their lives to make up for it.

2. Nothing can break the bond between two sisters!

3. This little girl couldn’t believe her eyes when her military dad planned an early homecoming to surprise her!

4. Man’s best friend could not have been more excited to reunite with this returning soldier.

5. Cats may seem aloof, but they still get emotional during a military homecoming.

These military homecomings certainly have us tearing up! Here’s another heartwarming story that made us cry: when this soldier returned from service, he was surprised with a pregnancy announcement!

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