Military Homecoming: Soldier Reunited With Her Favorite Girl After A Year Apart.

soldier clasps hands, looking excited

Grab the tissues! This military homecoming is absolutely precious. Watch this soldier get reunited with her favorite girl on the planet after a year away.


Oh yeah, that girl is her pup!

This image is from TikTok.

Kass Brown spent 366 days away from her sweet angel, and this pup clearly missed her!

Kass was getting off the plane when her face was overcome with excitement. Watch as she scurries to the front, gets down on a knee, and feels the embrace of her beautiful pup.

One of the greatest things about pets is their unconditional love. This sweet girl clearly knew who her mommy was!

“Thought it was going to be a child. This was so much cuter,” said one viewer of the video with an affinity for puppy reunions.

“I hate these videos cause I just turn into a big ol cry baby, LOL,” commented another viewer, reflecting all of our sentiments!

Check out the reunion of this soldier and her sweet girl below. It’s a tear jerker!


I’ll never be able to replace the 366 days i missed with my girl, but i will spend the rest of forever making it up to her. #militaryhomecoming #dogreunion #miltok

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The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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