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4th Grade Teacher Uses Toothpaste To Demonstrate How “Your Words Have Power”

A woman grimaces as she pours out toothpaste on a table.

Our words have power. That’s why it’s so important to make sure our words are used to lift others up, not tear them down. This is something folks of any age can struggle with — none of us are perfect, after all. But that’s why it’s all-the-more important to start teaching kids about kindness at a young age. But how do we do this in a way that they’ll understand? For teacher Ms. Natalie Ringold, her lesson on the power of words includes lots and lots of toothpaste.

That probably sounds strange, but toothpaste is actually such a clever way to visually demonstrate what happens when our words hurt someone’s feelings, whether intentionally or not. As Natalie explains, once we say something to someone, there’s no taking it back. Sure, we can apologize and do our best moving forward, but the impact of those words can’t simply be erased. Watch this wise teacher give a more in-depth explanation in the video below.

“Of course there are small, random exceptions to this 30 second rule,” Natalie explains in the caption of her post, “but making this concept concrete for my students has been incredibly helpful!”

Teacher’s Clever Demonstration Is a Lesson for Us All

So many teachers and parents are finding this demonstration to be helpful. That being said, many folks have also pointed out that kids aren’t the only ones who could use this reminder from time to time. Even as adults, it’s also good to remember why the way we speak to others matters.

“BLESS YOU!!! As a person who was relentlessly racially harassed as a child, I wish this was taught,” someone writes in the comments, sharing a sentiment so many others relate to as well.

“This made me cry. Can I start my college courses with this?” someone else shares, with another person adding, “This should be required viewing for anyone who wants to join social media.”

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