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Woman’s Cautionary Video Shows Her Friends How Easy It Is To Spike Their Drinks

View from a distance of a woman leaning closer to talk to a man at a party. Text on the image reads: you thought I was asking him a question

When you’re out having fun with friends, the last thing you want to do is stay hypervigilant over your beverage. But when you take a look at how common it is for someone to spike your drink, it’s clear that there’s a reason why it’s recommended that you do. Still, knowing something doesn’t mean it’s easy to take action. Plus, it’s much more difficult to keep your drink safe than you may think.

That’s why Shirah Benarde came up with a little experiment to demonstrate how easy it is for someone to slip something into your drink — but don’t worry, for this experiment, Shirah uses harmless Swedish Fish. No matter how much you understand the dangers of having your drink spiked, seeing what she’s able to pull off is shocking. You can watch the viral video below.

@shiraah Its Swedish Fish time… #drinkspikingprevention #safetytips #safety #goingoutoutfit #bartendersoftiktok #spiked ♬ original sound – sped up songs &lt3

In the video, Shirah has no problem finding ways to covertly place Swedish Fish in her friends’ drinks. This is true no matter if they had a cup with a large or small opening. As a result, a conversation has started around why it’s oh-so important to stay safe when you’re out, even with friends. Because, as Shirah notes in the above video, most people are spiked by someone they know.

Shirah isn’t new to raising awareness of the dangers of getting spiked. At only 16 years old, she began to work on a scrunchie that doubles as a drink cover. She found inspiration for it in a dream after someone close to her was roofied. You may have even seen Shirah on Shark Tank, showcasing her company Nightcap.

Woman Uses Swedish Fish to Show How Easy it is for Drinks to Get Spiked

“The one where someone approaches you with a question is real,” someone shares in the comments. “Happened the same way to me too, he asked me where the toilets are.”

“I feel like this (safe version) should be done at high school dance and at some point in the night announced to check cups just so teens can see,” another person writes. “Because it’s not just alcohol that can be spiked.”

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