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sassy aria

Sassy 4-Yr-Old Tries To Put Mommy In Time-Out After Hilarious Juice Incident.

We hear a lot from parents who, despite adoring their little ones, feel frustrated much of the time. After all, it’s in a kid’s nature to constantly test their limits and press every single one of Mom and Dad’s buttons.

But look at things from a child’s perspective and you might find that parents can be just as aggravating. Take 4-year-old Aria, for example, whose mom Rana Gardner went way too far with the orange juice one morning.

aria time out for mom

Either too much juice is seriously upsetting to the little girl or she’s very smart at covering up her tracks. Because when Aria took a sip and spilled the liquid on herself and on her chair, she placed the blame squarely on her mother. Amused, Rana started recording their conversation as she asked why her daughter was mad.

“Because you put a lot of orange juice in here,” Aria answers, gesturing to her cup and emphasizing she’s bound to spill it now. Then she lets slip she’s already done so and that they’ll never be able to clean up the hopeless mess.

“It’s not gonna dry. It’s just gonna stay like that!” the distressed girl tells her mom, adding that “drinks don’t dry” and she’s not pleased at all.

aria time out for mom

And when Mom asks for forgiveness, Aria initially agrees, then changes her mind, stressing that too much orange juice is definitely not okay.

“Well, can we get over it and be friends again?” her mom asks.

“Friends? We don’t be friends,” Aria exclaims, incredulously. “We live together.”

But with a lot of coaxing and questioning from Mom, Aria reluctantly admits that yes, they’re more than just roommates. They’re family — though she’s still mad.

aria time out for mom

Aria concedes they can be friends again — with a few conditions, the most important of which is her mom agreeing to be placed in time-out… at the doctor’s office, because it’s apparently the best place to hold such a punishment. Mom agrees, and with that settled, Aria tells her to go get ready. She doesn’t need to do the same because she’s already ready, pajamas, messy hair, and all.

aria time out for mom

Ah, kids. They sure love turning the tables on their parents, don’t they? We can’t blame Aria for taking advantage of the opportunity to show Rana how being punished feels. Here’s hoping their friendship mended after Mom paid for her “crime.”

Watch as Aria lays down the law below, and share with other parents who can relate.

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