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clarissa happy dance

2-Yr-Old Conquers Brain Game & Her Over-The-Top Reaction Has Everyone Cheering.

Watching your kids accomplish a new task is one of the most rewarding aspects of child-rearing.

Kids grow and learn so much during those first early years, and even tasks that seem easy to us adults provide important challenges for their growing minds. When Houston, Texas, mom Natalia had the privilege of watching her 2-year-old succeed at one of these basic learning tasks, she couldn’t wait to brag about her baby girl on Twitter.


Natalia had given Clarissa a pile of colorful stackable cups to play with. While an adult easily understands the concept of stacking the cups from largest to smallest, kids need to learn how these spatial concepts work firsthand. Clarissa had been working on getting all of the cups stacked in the proper order for quite some time but hadn’t yet mastered it.


Natalia began recording video of Clarissa one day as she was struggling to stack the cups perfectly. The adorable little girl is concentrating fiercely as she pops one cup inside another, only to discover that there’s a bigger cup that needs to go first. Patiently, Clarissa stacks and unstacks the cups, slowly getting closer to perfection.

At last, she plunks the last cup into place, and then it’s time to celebrate!


“YESSSSS!” She exclaims, punching her little fists in the air in the ultimate happy dance. You can hear Natalia’s excited voice behind the camera as she too cheers for this small victory.

Mom was so thrilled that she shared the video on Twitter with the caption, “I am so proud of her she’s been struggling so much BUT SHE FINALLY GOT IT DOWN!” Natalia probably never expected it to go viral, but there’s just something about Clarissa’s ecstatic happy dance that really struck a nerve online. Soon over 6 million people had viewed the video, including a few celebrities.


As if the video of Clarissa’s pumped-up reaction wasn’t special enough, Natalia then revealed that her daughter has had a few developmental delays that put her behind the curve for the average 2-year-old. “Just so you guys know, Clarissa is 2 and is a little behind on certain things so shes had therapy for a few months, this to me and my family is EVERYTHING. We are so proud of her,” Natalia tweeted.

Just hearing that Clarissa is in therapy to catch up on development made this moment all the sweeter, and the people of Twitter couldn’t wait to share their supportive thoughts.


There’s no wonder that a seemingly innocuous video like this went viral. Once you see it, you’ll understand the pure joy and enthusiasm of watching a child’s brain work before your very eyes!

Watch Clarissa’s big moment in the video below, and be sure to share with another parent who’ll understand this feeling.

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