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2 Dads Get Ambush Makeovers On Today Show & The Results Are Unbelievable.

After having kids, every parent starts to put their own needs aside in order to provide for their children. Oftentimes, this means they spend a little less time on their appearance – and before they know it, they don’t recognize the person in the mirror anymore.

Casi Jacobs and Valerie Ivy still recognize their partners, but when they had the opportunity to gift them with a makeover for Father’s Day from the TODAY show, they couldn’t turn it down. Still, they had no idea how much of a difference it would make.


Casi describes her partner, Zachary, as a “jack of all trades” because if there’s a job that needs to be done with someone’s bare hands, he can do it. She says he’s typically covered in a layer of “dirt and grease” that never really comes off.

Casi has seen first hand how much her husband has done not only for their son and daughter, but for her as well. She wanted so badly to thank him for all he’s done and give him the opportunity to have something nice done for him for once – so she nominated him for the makeover.


Valerie, a disabled veteran, is a stay-at-home mom to her and Zachary’s son. Zachary has spent years sacrificing for the family, to the point where Valerie can’t say thank you enough.

Zachary is working to start his own business and Valerie thought the makeover would help him build up his confidence – not to mention help tame his wild hair, which reached his waist!


The professionals at the TODAY show were up for the challenge. They scrubbed the guys down, got them new hair cuts, and dressed them up before presenting them to their families.

The results were astonishing!



Both Casi and Valerie were brought to tears when they saw their husbands. The guys looked more handsome than ever and seemed to truly appreciate the unique gift they were given by their wives.



These women really went the extra mile to help their guys look and feel their best, and to thank them for all the wonderful things they do for their families.


If you’re still scratching your head over what to get your husband or dad this year for Father’s Day, maybe a makeover is just what they need!

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