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After Finding Mom Near Death, 4-Yr-Old Grabs Phone & Asks Siri For Help.

When a 911 operator answers an emergency call, they never know what to expect, especially when they hear a child’s voice on the end of the line. Recently, a 999 operator in the U.K. answered a call from a 4-year-old boy named Roman. “Hello, police. What is your emergency?” she asks the child. “Hello, I’m Roman,” he says calmly.

At first, it sounds like this little boy is calling as a prank or with something silly to say, but when the operator asks Roman to fetch his mom, Roman’s response turns her blood cold: “We can’t, she’s dead.”

Thankfully, little Roman was mistaken. His mom was still alive but had passed out, unconscious. Although he was undoubtedly afraid, Roman kept his cool and used Mom’s thumb to unlock her iPhone. Then he asked Siri to call 999 for help.

Thanks to Roman’s brilliance, paramedics arrived and found Roman with his mom, twin brother, and younger brother. They administered life-saving aid to Roman’s mom before taking her to the hospital. She’s since been released and is back at home– safe– with her boys.

Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Ade Adelekan said this story exemplifies why it’s important to teach young children about technology and emergency situations. “It’s an amazing story and thanks to his quick thinking and by asking ‘Siri’ for help, this little boy saved his mum’s life and it means she is still here and can be extremely proud of him and his brothers.”

Watch the video below to hear Roman’s 999 call and share!


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