When Dad Ran A Red Light, His Son Decided To Call 911… The Result Was Hilarious!

From a young age, we teach our kids to call 911 in an emergency. The public service saves thousands of lives every day, but every now and again they get a call that nobody expects. 5-year-old Robbie Richardson was riding in the car with his dad, Mike, when pops ran a red light.


The little tyke was apparently so appalled at his dad’s actions that he decided to call 911 to straighten things out. “My daddy went past a red light,” Robbie said in a 911 call the Quincy Police Department in Massachusetts posted. “It was in the brand new car — my mommy’s car. We had to go to the car wash and then we went past the red light.”

Robbie waited until he and his dad got back to the house after running a few errands. While the rest of the family was outside enjoying the day, the 5-year-old snuck inside to make the call in question.

“He said he was going to call 911,” Richardson told CNN. “I just kind of blew it off a little bit, you know, he’s 5 years old.”

The ensuing conversation between Robbie and the 911 dispatcher was too adorable to miss. After handing his pops over to the cops, the apparently aspiring police officer was finally able to relax.

Check out the hilarious interchange below!


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