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“What’s Wrong With Your Dog?” 20 Quirky Pups Who Have Us Laughing Out Loud

dog sitting in a dog bed like a human with very human looking knees and white dog playing an electronic keyboard and singing

Being normal? Far too overrated, especially for these quirky dogs.

No matter how well-behaved a canine may be, each one has their own way of doing things. It’s one of the many things we love about them! That’s why we had to revisit the “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?” page on Reddit, which is chock-full of pet parents sharing moments when their dog just didn’t make any sense. Enjoy all the new silly pups below!

1. We have many questions.

2. “First day of Doggy Daycare. Fell asleep like this for the entire ride home.”

3. “This is Lor’s hole he’s been working on for years, think he’s finally got it perfect.”

4. “I don’t know why, but he always sits like this.”

5. It’s safe to say he’s giving this book two puppy paws down.

6. “Tried crate training but she kicked the floor out and turtled her way around.”

7. “She always goes like this when I take out the nail clipper.”

8. She 100 percent recognizes the power of her cuteness.

9. “Dog loves to stare into my basement office and scare the crap out of me when I look up.”

10. His little legs look like drumsticks, and it’s TOO cute.

11. “Wakes me at 5 am for her walk. This is the walk.”

12. “Warm, comfy bed? No. Cold, steel ring? Yes.”

13. “The sad face he gives me when he can’t sit in my lap while I drive.”

14. Anyone have any requests?

15. “Was pretty sure it was photoshopped but then I remembered my dad sent it to me.”

16. “This little lady wasn’t even ours… She jumped into our boat from another. She got Trevor to rub her belly and me to give up my Captain’s hat in under a minute.”

17. “My dog thinks I’m a chair sometimes. Oh well.”

18. “All the toys in the world, and he chooses to play ‘keep away’ with my mallet mid project.”

19. “He normally curls up on top of the cat pedestal (weird already). This one, however, is new.”

20. “They’ve shared a crate for years so I sold my second crate long ago. They recently started refusing to share the crate so I bought a new crate two days ago and here we are today.”

We absolutely adore these silly dogs! They are great evidence that it’s far more fun to just be yourself, even if that means being different. At the end of the day, why be normal when you can weirdly amazing like these adorable pups?

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