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15 Adorable Puppers Doing Cute Pupper Things

shiba inu in Santa hat and golden retriever puppy sleeping outside

Very few activities are as relaxing as admiring pictures and videos of other people’s adorable pets.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, perusing the offerings of r/rarepuppers on Reddit is a great place to start. On this subreddit, every dog is a good boy or girl, and every pupper is one of a kind. No wonder they have 3.1 million “shoobscribers!”

1. Stop what you’re doing and wish this festive pup a Merry Christmas.

2. We want to pet this sweet, smiley girl so badly!

3. This “old man” just turned 13, but he still looks like a cute puppy to us.

4. This person found the most precious “meteorite” crashed in his yard.

5. Just a couple of BFFs enjoying a pet-friendly hotel room. Look at those smiles!

6. Looks like the most comfortable place to nap ever!

7. Just look at this smiling, happy dog getting his hair done.

8. “Puedo has been so happy that everybody is home and that the weather has been so nice.”

9. Aw, look at how careful he is with his big, sharp teeth!

10. We could look at this face all day, every day, and never get sick of it.

11. He is one with the forest! Those eyes are melting our hearts.

12. “When you have a house full of sheepdogs and a chilled lamb that needs warming.”

13. Howling lessons are in session (turn your volume up).

14. “This is Sully, he came into my work today and let everyone pet him.”

15. Thor Michaelson understands the needs of the working (dog) class. Thor for president!

There, don’t you feel better? We sure do! There’s nothing quite like admiring the cuteness and loving nature of our loyal canine companions.

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