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15 Unflattering Cat Photos That Are Delightfully Awkward

We tend to think of cats as dignified creatures who move gracefully and assuredly through the world. Here’s a hilarious reminder that, like all creatures, they have their not-so-flattering moments too!

There’s a funny new internet trend going around that puts these awkward moments on full display. The “Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge” features priceless pictures of furry felines at their least coordinated. People from all over the world have shared shots of their goofy cats on social media. Just like their doggo counterparts in the “Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge,” we think they’ve won this competition paws-down!

1. “Hair ball? What makes you think I have a hair ball?”

2. Just practicing her aerial yoga routine. Don’t forget to point your toes!

3. Taking a flattering picture is the real challenge for this fellow.

4. Waking up on a Monday morning like….

5. She derped so hard she created a gap in the space-time continuum.

6. Gone fishin’.

7. When your cat starts channeling Jabba the Hutt.

8. Don’t take your eyes off your food for a second!

9. Guess our invitation to the grooming party got lost in the mail.

10. Ah… ah… ah… CHOO!

11. “It’s not what it looks like! The cake just jumped right up into my face!”

12. His face says he doesn’t like his treat but his belly says otherwise.

13. “Can I help you?”

14. Hey there, little guy.

15. We don’t know what he just saw, but it must be scary.

They weren’t quite ready for their close-ups, but they’re all still adorable! Frankly, it would be boring if every picture we took of our pets was flawless. We much prefer the occasional unflattering shot to remind us that nobody’s purr-fect!

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