15 Strangers Who Met By Chance And Made Someone’s Day

two men in hospital room next to man and woman hugging in store

It can be easy to feel all alone in the world, but it’s important to remember that we’re all part of a global community.


The people in the stories below were all going about their business when a sudden interaction with a stranger made them sit back and say, “Wow.” It turns out, we’re surrounded by kind, empathetic people all the time. The trick is opening up and letting them in!

1. This member always takes time out of his workout to help a gym employee with his calculus homework.

2. Trust kids to find a way to use technology to solve their problems!

3. This man put on his best holiday suit to surprise his family when they met him at the airport. Before he boarded, he found this like-minded fellow with an equally delightful fashion sense. Instant besties!

4. Local teens treated this woman’s 5-year-old like he was part of the gang, and she was so grateful.

5. When widower Ray Johnstone posted a classified ad for a new fishing buddy, he wasn’t expecting to become an internet sensation!

The ad went viral with over 60,000 views and inspired the hashtag #IllfishwithRay. After receiving thousands of offers, Ray went with Mati Bats, who took Ray on a deep sea fishing getaway free of charge.

6. Becca Kinsey was trying to fly home from Disney with her fussy 2- and 5-year-old kids when a group of strangers stepped in to ease her burden.

The mom was “on the verge of tears” with two exhausted kids when fellow moms came to her rescue. One let her cut in the long security line while another held her belongings, carrying all of their stuff to the gate to make sure they got on safely. Then, on the flight, this angel offered to hold the toddler to give Becca a much-needed break. It really does take a village!

7. It was “Dress Like Your Favorite Person Day” at 5-year-old Easton’s school.

Easton’s mom thought it was too cute when her son said he wanted to dress up as Jeffery, the school security officer. “He keeps me safe,” he told his mom. Jeffery was so surprised and honored when he saw Easton’s outfit!

8. Lowe’s ran out of generators during a big storm. When a man overheard this woman saying her father relies on oxygen to live, he selflessly gave up his generator so she could take it instead.

9. This young man understands that some things are worth more than money.

10. This Vietnam veteran was feeling lonely, so he went to his local bar to watch the game. He ended up making a new friend!

Was watching the Michigan and UL/UK games at Roosters today when I noticed this man was looking for a seat to watch the game. There was none available so I told him he could sit with me and my son. After introducing ourselves, we ended up having great conversation about his life. He is a vet with the Navy that served our country in the Vietnam War, said he is the only one left from his immediate family besides his sister, and they all live in Alabama. Turned out he just came up to Roosters because he felt lonely and wanted someone to watch the game with. It was pretty cool to have this experience today, even cooler for my son to see how an act of kindness can impact people. It’s good people in this world ya’ll, be kind to each other.

11. This complete stranger drove for two hours and used his drone to help find Meadow, a dog who was lost in the woods for 10 days.

12. This little boy was watching a stranger play a game on his phone as they rode the subway. As soon as the man noticed, he handed over his phone so the child could play instead.

13. It’s good to know someone would notice if you didn’t show up!

14. This sweet friend is prepared for all emergencies, even when they don’t directly affect her own wellbeing.

15. This guy injured his wrist and took an Uber to the hospital. When Beni, the driver, found out he had no family nearby, he stayed with him and kept him company the whole time.

Thank goodness for the kind people of the world. Always remember, if you can’t find one, be one!

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