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Tiny Musical Prodigies Start Jamming Together And Now They’re The Best Of Friends.

LJ and Miles

Who says you can’t make friends during a pandemic?

These days, it’s not unusual to form a lasting relationship with someone you’ve only met online. It can still be tough for kids, yet somehow these two little boys managed to find their very best friend during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was all thanks to Instagram!

Miles Bonham of Chicago, Illinois, goes by the handle @MilesMusicKid online. It’s a fitting moniker, because by the time he was 5 years old, he was already writing, producing, and playing his own music! He does all his own multitrack recording, arranging, editing, and effects, and he’s a quick study with a passion for all things rock and roll.

Miles met up with a fellow child musician on Instagram, and the two hit it off right away. Justin Wilson II, otherwise known as LJ, comes from a musical family in Los Angeles, California.

LJ goes by @BabyBoyDrummer, and he definitely lives up to that name. Miles was drawn to LJ because of the skillful way the then 6-year-old played the drums, and the feeling of respect and admiration was mutual!

The two boys started meeting up regularly online to jam together, composing their own songs and learning other tunes they could play together. While they mostly focus on music, they also support each other in other important ways. When Miles lost his first tooth, for example, he was “surprised and upset,” but a video call to his friend LJ made him feel so much better.

Both boys love to read books, play games, and make each other laugh. Best of all, after months of knowing each other online, their parents managed to get them together for a visit.

Without telling LJ, Miles secretly learned to play one of his favorite songs on his guitar. They plugged into an amp right there in the playground where they met, and LJ was so delighted when he heard Miles play the first few notes of his song. Just look at his face!

This friendship seems like a match made in heaven! We’re so glad these talented kids found a pal to love and support during a lonely time for many. We can’t wait to say, “We knew them when!”

Check out an adorable compilation of the boys jamming together below, and be sure to watch until the end to see their in-person reunion. Share this story to celebrate friendship of all kinds!

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