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Kindergartner Becomes Security Officer’s Cutest Look-Alike For Special School Event.

When Easton Blocker’s teacher asked him to think about his favorite person, the 5-year-old didn’t even hesitate!

From the moment he met Officer Jeffery Cross at Bobby G. Lester Elementary School in Jacksonville, Arkansas, Easton felt safe. After all, Cross is one of the first armed security officers in their district, and his meet and greet with Easton’s kindergarten class left a huge impact.


“They had questions about why I was armed,” Cross said. “I was just telling them I’m armed to protect them from someone bad who would come and hurt them.”

Lauryn Blocker, Easton’s mom, said her son came home afterward and couldn’t stop talking about his new friend. “From day one, he has always had a fascination with Officer Cross,” she said. “He tells me every day, ‘Officer Cross keeps us safe from the bad guys, Mommy.’ It’s reassuring.”

So when the time came for Easton to select someone for “Dress As Your Favorite Person Day,” he went home to become Cross’ cutest look-alike ever!


With his mom’s help, Easton got to work putting together a junior security outfit to match Cross’. “That shirt is probably going to stick with him forever,” Lauryn said later. “It means a lot to him.”

On the big day, the confident 5-year-old headed to school and found Cross waiting outside. When the officer realized what Easton’s outfit meant, he was thrilled!

“Just for the fact that he shows his appreciation, and he hugs me every day when he sees me every morning —it really makes my day,” he said.


“The love that child has for him is overwhelming,” Lauryn added, and it’s easy to understand why! “Every morning he is out there greeting the kids. High fives and hugs. That’s what you can expect from Officer Cross.”


No wonder he’s Easton’s favorite person! We all want to feel safe, and knowing there’s a friendly person out there who’s watching over them means so much to Easton and his friends. Keep up the great work, Cross!

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