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15 Refreshingly Wholesome Memes To Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Life is hard, but looking at memes is easy!

It’s a well established fact that browsing wholesome web memes gives us an instant mood boost. Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t feel like reading “War and Peace,” we just want to scan funny, poignant, or surprising web memes. And that’s okay!

1. We love a man with a sense of humor.

2. This restaurant welcomes dogs. In fact, they even have a special menu just for them!

3. “One year ago they gave me a 30 percent chance of survival. Today, I’m still standing through my last [day] of chemo.”

4. We don’t know this family, but we love them already.

5. “A pic I took of my husband with all the books he wrote.”

6. Indian neighbor borrowed a sauce pan. They returned it later full of delicious food.

7. Mom couldn’t be prouder of her 18-year-old for donating his stem cells to a stranger with blood cancer.

8. “My son is autistic and LOVES cats, so for the past 4 years he has volunteered to socialize the cats and kittens at our local animal shelter to help get them adopted.”

9. How else is he supposed to get them home?

10. “I can finally stand with no hands.”

11. “I volunteer at the humane society and fell in love with this girl. I cried when I found out she had been adopted… two weeks later and she was returned for being ‘too lazy.’ Took her straight home to her new couch where she is the cutest potato. Don’t know her name yet but just look at that face.”

12. A goose laid eggs in a planter outside the hospital, so the maintenance man set her up with water and shade.

13. “First portrait I ever did back in 2011 verses most recent portrait from 2021. It’s been a long journey….”

14. Boy gets adopted by his best friend’s family. Now they’re brothers!

15. “My 9-year-old boy found this rock a month ago and it became his ‘lucky’ rock. He takes it everywhere. Today I have an important job interview and I found his rock on my truck seat.”

What a bunch of sweethearts! We love seeing good people doing nice things, don’t you? Remember, if you don’t see any kind people around you, be one!

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