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15 Wholesome Memes That Are A Breath Of Fresh Air In A Stressful World

Sure, the internet is a superhighway of facts and information, but let’s be honest: We’re here for the memes!

Memes have a way of tapping into all of our emotions, from joy to sorrow, and everything in between. The world is such a complicated place, so sometimes we just need to take refuge in simple pleasures. The “Wholesome Memes” Facebook page is a great place to take a mental health break. We’ve rounded up a few of the sweetest memes we’ve seen recently because we could all use a good shot of dopamine!

1. We’d 100% wear this vest, and not even ironically.

2. Possibly the sweetest picture ever taken.

3. Self love is the most important love.

4. She changed his life with one simple gift.

5. What an adorable friendship!

6. “Oh hey, is that a duck?” *SMACKS HEAD* “Oh, I get it now.”

7. Who wore it better?

8. Modern problems require modern solutions.

9. If only we looked this cute when we make this mistake.

10. High school seems like a long time ago… until this happens to you.

11. It’s as blurry as a Bigfoot sighting, but much funnier.

12. Welcome to your new life, buddy!

13. They could have just kept walking, but they decided to be awesome instead.

14. Well… did they do it?

15. It was more than just a store. It was a home away from home.

Wholesome memes like these truly remind us that most people are good, and the world is generally an orderly place. It’s easy to get bogged down by the negative news stories that flood our feeds each day, but if you ever need a reminder of the goodness in the world, we’ve got your back!

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