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The World’s Cutest Dads Are Here And They Are Serious #Goals.

dad and daughter posing in pink tutus and a crying dad wearing a mask and holding his newborn

Fatherhood is full of all kinds of memorable moments, and some are just too adorable not to share.

That’s why we’ve gathered videos of some of the most adorable dads from across social media. Whether they’re holding their newborn, making their kids laugh, or revealing a big surprise, they know how to turn any situation around for the better – and we love them for it!

1. After being away from each other for too long, this dad and daughter couldn’t help but get emotional.

2. Despite his own fear of needles, this dad does an amazing job comforting his newborn as he gets his first round of shots.

3. Thanks to the Ring doorbell camera at his front door, this dad was able to “meet” his daughter’s date… leading to some playful banter!

4. He quite literally caught his daughter with her hands in the cookie jar, but she was far too adorable for him to be upset.

5. Playtime got even more adorable when this dad decided to add “Star Wars” to the mix.

6. Holding your baby for the first time is a moment like no other, and it’s written all over this dad’s face.


First time holding his boy a YEAR ago #ryderjoel @fl_racerboy28

♬ original sound – Alli Coheley

7. Watching this dad carry on a normal conversation with his babbling toddler is the best.

8. His daughter never imagined her family could afford the guitar she wanted, making her dad’s surprise all the more meaningful.

9. No distance could keep this man away from his son on his birthday.

This Colombian dad traveled for hours so he could wish his son a happy birthday in person. He arrived with a cake in one hand, a drink in the other, and a hand-sewn sign that read, “Son, Happy Birthday. My wish is for God to help you live happily.”

10. Once this dad found a way to make his baby scream with laughter, there was no stopping him!

11. And the award for most adorable “Old MacDonald” duet ever goes to…

12. This excited but nervous dad finally getting to hold his newborn son is too precious for words.


Reply to @oroborosxz nothing compares. ❤️ thank You, LORD, for everything. #laboranddelivery #husbandwife #babydaddy #firstimedad #blessings

♬ original sound – Chris 💚 Xia

13. This dad went all in with silly voices while reading his baby a book, and she is thoroughly impressed (as are we).

14. Why have a “normal” photo shoot with your baby when you can both dress up in pink, fluffy tutus?

15. It all started at a Cracker Barrel…

Last year, Josh and Rebekah were two strangers who happened to meet in front of a Cracker Barrel. One year later, at that same restaurant, Josh had a very important question, not only for Rebekah, but also for her daughter.

Aww! There’s nothing more touching than seeing a dad who isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and go all out for his children.

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