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“Anything That You Gotta Go Through … I Got To Go Through With You.” Dad Shaves Head For Son With Cancer.

dad with long hair shaving head next to son with cancer

Author Elizabeth Stone once wrote that having a child “is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

If you’re a parent, you understand what she means by that sentiment. Everything that happens to our children affects us deeply, and if given the chance, most of us would take our child’s pain for them if only we could.

Rayshawn Mims of Akron, Ohio, is one father who fully grasps what it means to stand by someone when times are tough. According to GoFundMe, his 7-year-old son Ahkeem began complaining of knee pain in early August, so they brought him to the doctor. They assumed the pain was merely a knee sprain, but X-rays showed something far worse.

Within a week, the little boy was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma.

Their world turned upside down in an instant. Suddenly, Ahkeem’s parents were shuffling him back and forth to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital for chemotherapy treatments. When his hair fell out from the chemo, his dad found a way to show him that no matter what happens, they’re in this fight together.

Rayshawn sat his son down in front of a mirror and began to stream a video to Facebook Live. “You know that you’re strong, and you’ve been strong, and you’re going to keep being strong and get better,” he told Ahkeem. He then assured his son that his hair would grow back when he recovers – and told Ahkeem he intended to shave off his own long dreadlocks out of solidarity.

“Anything that you gotta go through in life, I got to go through with you,” he added. “And I gotta stay strong, and you gotta stay strong. Do you understand?”

Judging by the length of his hair, Rayshawn hasn’t had a major haircut in years! But chopping it all off and shaving his head bald meant nothing to this dad if he could help his son cope with what’s happening in his life.

Rayshawn, we applaud you! Going through cancer is never easy, but knowing you have a supportive family in your corner makes it better.

Grab some tissues before you watch the video below, and be sure to share this story to encourage someone today.

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