Protective Dad Uses Doorbell Camera For Hilarious Interrogation Of Daughter’s Date.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Like many dads, Pedro Lugo of Massachusetts is extremely protective of his kids. Now that his oldest daughter Grace is dating, he insists on meeting (and interrogating!) every young man she brings home. Recently Grace’s brother, also named Pedro, shared a funny video of his father “meeting” Grace’s date Jared that’s rapidly going viral because it’s just too funny not to share.


“Here’s the video of my sister’s date picking her up and my dad answering the doorbell and just watch them ‘meet’ each other for the first time,” Pedro wrote when he uploaded the video to Instagram. The video is taken from a Ring doorbell, a camera-operated device that allows users to view who is at their door from a remote location.

Grace was expecting Jared to pick her up for a date… but what she didn’t realize is that even though he was at work, Pedro Sr. was also waiting for the young suitor. When Jared arrived to pick Grace up, he rang the doorbell. That’s when the fun begins!


Pedro Sr.’s voice greets Jared as he waits on the front porch. The young man takes this unusual development in stride, politely introducing himself and laughing along as Pedro tells him, “I get to see your face, but you don’t get to see mine.”

The doting dad then asks the standard questions, including where they’re going, what movie they’re seeing, and most importantly — when does he intend to bring Grace home? “Probably before 11,” Jared says nervously. “Oh, I heard 10:30. Okay, that’s good,” Pedro responds. At this point Grace has realized what’s going on, so naturally she needs to say hi.


Grace wants to remind her dad that she wants to come home closer to 11, and that age-old father-daughter dance makes us giggle. Everytime Grace says “11” Pedro just subtly corrects it to 10:30! At this point Jared is just kind of standing back there waiting for them to agree on the time, but you can tell he’s prepared to do right by this girl or else face Pedro’s wrath!

The video ends with Pedro telling Grace to take a picture of Jared’s license plate, but Grace’s brother is quick to point out that their dad was kidding about that last part. Mostly, anyway.


We’ve all been there, whether we were the young girl craving freedom, the nervous date trying to make a good first impression, or the protective dad looking to strike some fear into that young man’s heart… but using the remote camera doorbell is a brand new experience! It just goes to show you that times and technology may change, but people never really do!

Watch Jared getting the third degree in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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