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15 More Of The Sweetest Reunions That Have Us Asking, “Who’s Cutting Onions?”

a two-photo collage. the first is of a woman crying as she sits on a cushion on the floor of a restaurant at a table with her husband sitting next to her. her son, dressed as a waiter, hugs her from behind. the second is of a little boy and girl hugging. the girl’s face is visible. her eyes are closed and she’s crying tears of joy.

There’s nothing like a good ole reunion video to warm your heart (and cause a few tears, if we’re being honest!)

That’s why we’ve put together another list of joyous reunions that have been shared all across social media. No matter the reasons that have kept these loved ones apart, all that matter is they’re together once more – and we couldn’t be happier for them!

1. Little Levi asked for his military dad to surprise him one day at school, but nothing could have prepared him and his older sister, Kiley, for the moment it finally happened after a whole year apart!

2. This mama didn’t need to turn around to know her son was finally back home from a nine-month deployment.

3. “My brother and Loki went on a cross-country trip to Vancouver,” they wrote. “They had been gone a little over three months when my brother headed down to Mexico. Since he couldn’t take Loki, he flew him back to Ontario so we (my sister and I) could take care of him.”

They continued, “My sister and I planned to meet at Petsmart to grab supplies – food, treats, toys, coat etc. I got to Petsmart before them, so I called my sister and told her to find me in the aisle and to just walk past me with Loki – I wanted to see if he could pick up on my scent after not seeing me for three months.”

4. In January 2020, John Oliver returned to school in Newbury, Ohio, after finishing his last round of chemotherapy… His classmates and teachers welcomed him back with a standing ovation!

5. When one family lives in Australia and the rest in England, family reunions mean the world.

“It’s been 2.5 years of FaceTimes and messages,” mom wrote. “Hoping and wishing that one day the world would go back to normal and we could see each other again. Today was that day.” 

6. After a year apart, these half-brothers couldn’t be happier to be back together!

7. LaDyra Lyte was devastated that her brother, who is in the military, wouldn’t be making it to her graduation… or so she thought!

8. After a year-long deployment, Ashley’s little family is finally back together.

@ashleycbabich2 The best feeling in the entire world ðŸ¤âœ¨ #militaryhomecoming #deploymenthomecoming #deployment #militaryfamily #militarylife #armyfamily #militarytok ♬ Travelin’ Soldier – The Chicks

9. Arthur and Esther are cousins who are two peas in a pod. But since they live in two different cities, they sometimes go months without seeing each other.

“I missed you so much,” Esther said.

10. Lost and Found Day at this New Jersey high school turned into a surprise reunion for one teacher!

11. Jai Sisk thought she was just getting a graduation video from her deployed mom, but she had the best surprise ever up her sleeve!

12. Little Stella absolutely adores her Gigi!

13. Zac Barnett’s pup couldn’t stop wiggling with joy when they reunited after three months!

@zacbarnetttt We truly do not deserve dogs 😩 @bianca_magick #dayinmylife #australianshepherd #aussiesdoingthings #familytime #dogtricks #traveltiktok #popmusic #tourlife ♬ You Found Me – Instrumental Pop Songs

14. After being apart for more than two years, these besties finally saw each other again – and are showing us what true friendship looks like!

15. Between not wearing her glasses, thinking her son was still in another country, and him wearing a mask, it’s no wonder this sweet mom didn’t suspect her waiter was actually her son!

As much as it hurts to be away from the people we care about most, there’s nothing quite like the moment when we finally see them again and give them the biggest hug possible!

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