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10 Of The Sweetest Reunions That Prove “Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.”

We hate to be apart from our loved ones, but sometimes life takes us in different directions.

The best part about going away is coming back home again! If you can surprise your loved ones with your return, it’s even more fun. Reunion videos are popular online because everyone enjoys a good surprise, and it’s just too sweet to see how some people completely lose it the second they see a long-lost loved one!

1. This daughter lived abroad for three years for work. When she showed up outside her dad’s repair shop out of the blue, he adorably refused to put his arms around her because his hands were dirty.

2. Brothers who were separated for two years share the best hug ever.

3. These little cousins absolutely adore each other, and it shows.

4. A working mom’s soldier hubby surprised her at work after being deployed for 11 months.

5. This mother hadn’t seen her son in 15 years, until he surprised her on her 80th birthday.

6. This young man couldn’t believe his eyes when his older brother returned to Jamaica for a visit.

7. Dad spent 12 long years in prison. Here’s the moment he finally gets to meet his son for the first time.


My first time meeting my son after 12 in prison 🥺 His hug was everyone ❤️❤️#pyfツ #ThankyouGod #allpriasestoallah #prisontiktok #inspiration #fypシ

♬ original sound – Zoski Brilla

8. This man and his father were kept apart by COVID and distance for three years. When dad was finally able to visit from the U.K., it took a long time for him to regain his composure!

9. Mom was out to breakfast when her daughter, whom she hadn’t seen in two years, suddenly showed up at her table.

10. Dad was away for 33 days, and his kids missed him terribly. Not only did he return, but he brought a very special new friend along with him. Come for the reunion, stay for the puppy kisses!  

These videos give us such a warm and fuzzy feeling in our hearts! It’s so beautiful to see love play out before our very eyes.

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