15 More Beautifully Bizarre Pups Who Have Us Asking, “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

Do you ever look at your dog and think, "I would love to know what’s going on in your head right now?” whenever they do something weird?

If you answered yes, we have some great news — you’re not the only one! Even better, there’s a whole page on Reddit dedicated to sharing these very moments. We’ve compiled some of our favorites before, and now we have a whole new batch for you to enjoy!

1. "The new cushion remover I ordered works like a dream."

a large brown dog looking up as he sits on a couch whose cushions he's almost removed entirely
large brown dog laying on his back on a couch whose cushions he's almost removed entirely as he moves about wildly

2. "Every time I bring him to work with me he squeezes into my desk chair and stays there the whole day."

a large golden retriever squeezed into an office chair that is not his size

3. "He really wants to know what's happening in the yard next door."

a large dog using two walls to climb in order to see over one of the walls and over into his neighbor's yard

4. Maybe he's trying to get into doggy yoga!

a large dog laying on a bed on his back with his front two legs raised in the air

5. "My dog shreds her toys and gently carries around their eyes. If you ask her to find her eyes she will bring one for you."

a small black and brown dog curled up on a bed as their owner's hand holds out one of the eyes to the dog's stuffed animals

6. "This is Ruby. She likes to pet the other dogs at daycare."

a large black dog with spots petting a golden retriever who is laying down on the floor
a large black dog with spots petting a similar looking dog

7. "Four stages of patting a husky. 1. Shock. 2. Reluctance. 3. Enjoyment. 4. Smugness."

a collage of four photos that show the process of a husky reacting to getting pet that range from shocked, annoyed, and happy

8. The dogs versus cats rivalry is as strong as ever.

a dog looking around a corner as a grey cat lays on the ground nearby and looks up at the dog
a medium sized dog sitting on the face of a grey cat who is laying on the floor

9. Did someone say that it's time for a walk?!

a medium sized black dog mid-air from jumping in the midst of a large crowd of people walking

10. So close... and yet... so far away.

a dog licking a clear table from below because there's a chocolate cupcake on top

11. And that was the day she learned that being sneaky isn't her strongest suit.

a large golden retriever holding two eggs in his mouth with one falling out
a large golden retriever looking down at the eggs that just fell out of his mouth and onto the couch

12. "I gave him a pretzel & he started to fall asleep with it in his mouth. He’s been like this for 5 whole minutes."

closeup of a black dog who is falling asleep with a pretzel in his mouth

13. Nothing to see here... just a totally normal hooman coming through!

a large white and brown dog walking upright on its hind legs

14. What a gentleman!

a small dog placing his toy in his water bowl along with the caption "he always offers food to his favorite toy first"

15. "This is Cap. Cap is deaf. Cap doesn’t like bedtime. When Cap doesn’t want to listen, he pretends to ignore his signs."

large white dog laying on the floor and looking up out of the corner of his eye
large white dog avoiding looking at their owner as he lay on the ground and the owner uses sign language to communicate with them

At this point, we think it’s safe to say that dogs will never cease to amaze us with their crazy shenanigans, but that’s more than OK. Part of what makes having a fur baby so fun is that they’re hilariously unpredictable, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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