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Cat Becomes Master Of Hide-And-Seek — And Accidentally Gets Donated To Thrift Store.

an orange cat named montequlla hissing from inside of a large, light brown recliner that she crawled inside of

No one ever wants to discover that they accidentally donated something they wanted to keep, especially when that special something is a beloved pet.

But as one Denver family found out the hard way, a lot can happen when you’re preparing to move. As everyone gathered their things to either pack up or donate, their orange cat named Montequlla managed to crawl inside of an old recliner without anyone noticing.

Not only was Montequlla well-hidden, but she also remained silent even as her family hauled the large recliner off to a local thrift store.

While the timing was certainly unfortunate, it does make sense. When cats become overwhelmed during stressful times, they often hide. Some situations in which this tends to happen include bringing a new feline home, packing for a trip, and, of course, moving.

As frightened as Montequlla was, she couldn’t stay silent for long. After her family had left, the sweet kitty began to meow loudly enough for one of the thrift store employees to hear, prompting them to call for help.

Despite her fear, Montequlla remained “friendly” and allowed Officer Jenna Humphreys to scan her to see if she had a microchip. She did, but it hadn’t been updated, leaving them with no choice but to have her stay at the Denver Animal Shelter.

Soon after making their donation, Montequlla’s family realized they didn’t know where she had gone, something that was all the more apparent now that their house was nearly empty.

Overwhelmed by the realization that their cat was missing, they retraced their steps, leading them to call the thrift store, which let them know to call the animal shelter. They were advised to keep their microchips updated, and plans were made to reunite Montequlla with her family!

“The owners were crying with joy to have their cat returned,” Officer Humphrey said. “Montequlla appeared relieved to be home.”

The animal shelter added, “We are so happy for the ending to this story and are thankful to everyone involved in getting this sweet cat home safely.”

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