15 Adorably Mischievous Raccoons That Will Steal Your Heart

Raccoons are often referred to as pests, but even so, there’s something about the curious critters that makes them irresistibly adorable.

From their iconic “masks” and strangely human-like paws to the mischievous antics they pull at night, raccoons are undeniably cute! Sure, their idea of fun is looting trash cans and leaving garbage strewn across your lawn, but they’re charming all the same.

Don’t be surprised when you find yourself falling head over feels for the 15 “trash pandas” below.

1. Wet bandits? More like sticky bandits!


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2. “We all eat Cheetos down here.”


3. This trash panda clearly picked the wrong can!

4. Could this furry artist be any prouder?

painting raccoon

5. “I came home last night to find this thief just standing there menacingly.”

6. Mission Impossible: Raccoon Edition.


7. “One of these things is not like the others.”

8. Good luck ever moving that pallet with so much cuteness inside!


9. “Paint me like one of your French trash pandas.”


10. “So I set my deer feeder high off the ground so the raccoons couldn’t reach it.”

11. The most flattering picture of a raccoon you will ever see.

12. We would happily play peekaboo with this precious creature all day!

13. “Inviting a few friends over for dinner.”

14. Nope, nothing adorable to see here!

15. “Our 93-year-old neighbor passed away on Sunday. Apparently he was feeding these little sweeties.

“Now they come to our door. My husband is the new proud father of these four trash pandas.”

These masked cuties have stolen our hearts, and we’re sure we aren’t the only ones! That said, please keep in mind that these are wild animals and should be given plenty of space. There’s no harm in admiring them from afar though!

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