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Sisters Have Rare Encounter With Cardinal And Know It’s Their Late Mom Saying Hello.

After loved ones pass on, many people tend to notice tiny miracles on ordinary days and believe those moments are their friends or relatives saying hello in some way.

Before their mother passed away, Deborah Booth Patteson and her sister, Jeanne Booth Wright, asked her to send them some kind of sign when she was in heaven. They specifically requested a cardinal so they would know it was from her. But they had no idea how above and beyond their mother would go!

Deborah’s daughter-in-law, Angela, shared a video of the sisters on Facebook that quickly went viral. Not only had the siblings asked their mom to send them a sign from heaven, but they had also prayed that God would do it in a way they never expected.

Just 10 days after their mom’s death and “hours after they had been talking about that specific prayer,” the two of them heard something in the kitchen window. They went over to check it out – and found a cardinal!

As if that wasn’t enough to warm their hearts, the bird let them come close and hold it carefully in their hands inside.

After about 10 minutes, they took the bird outside to release it. That’s when Angela began recording the now-viral video.

In it, we see that the cardinal sits on Deborah’s hand and refuses to fly away – even when she lifts her hand to encourage it to jump off.

Instead of heading off, the cardinal turns around and lands on Deborah’s shoulder!

The sisters’ amazement and joy are clear throughout every moment. It’s obvious they were immensely comforted by what can only be described as a small miracle!

What a precious gift! We’re so glad Deborah and Jeanne got to share this powerful encounter together!

See their miracle in action in the video below, and be sure to share this story with everyone you know.

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