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14 Insanely Talented People Who Prove That Humans Are Impressive Creatures

We’ve been on the internet for so many years, it takes a lot to impress us. Cat playing the piano? Seen it. Dogs walking on two legs? Yawn. People choreographing decades of dance numbers into a two-minute video? Been there, done that.

Yet every once in a while, a video crosses our screen that makes us say, “Wow, that’s impressive.” These are those videos!

1. This 1.5-year-old gymnast-in-training impressed everyone (even her parents!) by doing her first “heel stretch” during a trip to the beach.

2. John Moschitta, Jr. holds the Guinness World Record for “fastest talking man.” Here he is singing “Bad” by Michael Jackson in only 20 seconds.

3. Nothing to see here, just a 10-year-old doing a double backflip. Look at his reaction!

4. Ä°pek Nisa Göker is blind, but that doesn’t stop the 7-year-old pianist and composer from performing a stunning rendition of Chopin’s “Spring Waltz.”

5. This man’s dance moves truly defy gravity. How does he do that?

6. Speaking of defying the laws of physics… check out this amazing pool player as he clears the table with one stroke.

7. Another talented 7-year-old! Here’s Anastasiia Tiurina performing in a Russian orchestra with musicians three times her age.

8. Sometimes it’s all about practice and repetition! It took this skater between 100 and 200 tries to master this trick.

9. This baby is adorably invested in the water bottle flipping game. Watch her face when the bottle finally lands!

10. Don’t look now, but these two waterskiing grandpas are totally lapping the competition.

11. Mom with ALS shows incredible strength by sharing a dance with her son on his wedding day.

12. He went from barely being able to hold a spoon to making a cheesecake in just two months.

13. This 5-year-old transfixed the audience with his incredible piano skills.

14. 17-year-old Mondo Duplantis goes completely vertical in this record-breaking jump.

Yup, we’re definitely impressed! It just goes to show you that no matter how jaded we get, people can always surprise us in the best ways.

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