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108-Yr-Old Shares Her Simple Secret To Living A Long & Rewarding Life.

A lot can happen in 108 years… our world has changed so much. Witnessing such a span of time firsthand must be quite the journey, but 108-yr-old Arlena Labon of Cleveland, Ohio has taken the years in stride. You may be curious, what’s Labon’s secret to her incredible longevity? Apparently, all you need is love.

“Just love one another, baby. Treat one another good,” she said. “‘Cause I love everybody and will help everybody that I can. So that’s what we have to do.”


Labon is so much more than just talk. In her lifetime, the incredible woman has fostered more than 50 children that had nowhere else to go.


“I gave them what I didn’t get,” she said. “I was a [high school] dropout, but I thank the Lord I’m doing all right.”

Take a page from Labon’s book and never stop spreading the love! Apparently, it’s in your best interest. Check out Labon’s sweet, vibrant spirit in the video below.

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