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9 Times Kids Proved The Funniest Phrases Come “Out Of The Mouths Of Babes”

When television was in its infancy, we had family entertainment. One of the favorite shows was “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” where Art Linkletter presented kids with objects or situations to get their reaction. The children captivated our hearts and minds with their unique perspective on life. Kids are still looking at the world differently than adults, and we have Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube to record their antics.

1. You Poked My Heart!

These children argue about the difference between “raining” and “sprinkling.” One of the twin girls applies some hands-on pressure to emphasize her point after the boy tells her she’s pretty. The boy reacts to her touch in an odd way while the girl’s twin sister attempts to diffuse the situation.

2. Just Because They’re Giggling Doesn’t Mean You’re In The Clear

Every parent will tell you that they never worry about their children when they can hear them. Unfortunately for this mom, her kids were giggling, and she thought all was good. It wasn’t. But once caught, this little 3-year-old proves that he is going to grow up to be a great negotiator. He even suggests what his punishment should be!

3. “I punched him in the eyeball.”

This little tot is all about solving her own relationship issues. While talking to her mom, she explains what she had told Nana earlier. Apparently, preschool can be a pretty rough place. When a boy called her ugly, this confident young lady handled the situation by punching him. This exchange is hilarious. Stay confident and self-protecting, you awesome little bundle of joy!

4. Kids Can Be Cruel And Heartless

While they don’t always mean it, kids can be cruel in their honesty. As you watch this young daughter, pay attention to her face. She isn’t trying to be mean, but she knows she needs to be truthful.

5. A Budding Math Wizard Solving The Hard Word Problems!

This kid has all the problems of the world figured out! Watch how he skillfully solves a complex word problem.

6. This Kid Is Preparing For A Dizzying Career In TV News

Not everybody can excel when someone puts a microphone in their hand. This kid starts out hesitantly but warms up to the audience and the microphone within seconds. I see him possibly replacing Jim Cantore on the Hurricane Watch someday!

7. Not All Kids Are Ready For Life’s Miracles

Growing up can be traumatic. When the realization hits this young girl that her baby brother won’t always be a baby, she has a meltdown. She doesn’t want to die when she’s a hundred, either. While we may poke fun at some of life’s silly moments, it is important to treat these stark realizations with seriousness. Maybe after we stop laughing?

8. I Feel You On This One, Young Lady!

Especially on a Monday! Unfortunately, as this young girl continues into adulthood, we don’t think her attitude is going to change. However, she will be able to make her own hot chocolate by then, so there is that!

9. This Kid Is Not Shy About His Robust Weight (And He Shouldn’t Be!)

Kids are not born worrying about weight issues. Adults teach them to be ashamed if they don’t fit into a specific body type grouping. This young man shows us that you can be proud of your body no matter what. The world should take a lesson from him on body positivity!

We leave you with a thought to ponder. How would Art Linkletter react to the internet generation? Our kids are busy every day teaching us how to deal with life and to go on, no matter what. As technology continues to advance, it affords us greater access to our children’s thoughts and ideas about life. As a parent, the internet is showing me that all the weird things my kid did weren’t really so weird after all.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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