Overjoyed Toddlers Scream Over This Simple Yet Delightful Discovery While Shopping.

Two toddlers sit in a shopping cart. The little girl appears to be screaming as she points to something off camera. The little boy looks in that direction, eyes wide. Text on the image reads: Most exciting moment of their two year old lives, hahah

There are lots of reasons that adults start to miss certain perks of being a kid, like being able to take more frequent naps. But one that I feel gets looked over too often is the sheer joy little ones get over some of the simplest things. Or rather, in the things that we adults no longer find fascinating even though, in reality, they’re very much still exciting. Take, for example, these two toddlers on TikTok.


In a video posted by TikTok user Insightsandinsulin, or Cass, she shows her two toddlers sitting in a shopping cart. The little girl immediately points to something out of view and screams with joy, all while doing a happy dance. The little boy is calmer at first but is quick to match her energy.

What is making them so excited? Why it’s an autonomous cleaning robot, of course! As silly as it may seem at first, when you think about it, how cool is it that these things exist? I only wish they could see the one at one of my local stores: It includes a giant Halloween skeleton in the seat, and they are wearing an employee vest with a nametag and all.

Watch these thrilled toddlers exude pure joy in the video below.

@insightsandinsulin I dont have the heart to tell them it’s not a real robot… #fyp #toddlermom #toddlersoftiktok #momlife #motherhood #toddlerlife #funnytoddler #funnyvideos #relateable ♬ original sound – cass🪩

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