10 Fluffy Copilots Who Love The Open Road As Much As We Do

How many times have you witnessed a dog literally jump up and down at the mere mention of going for a ride? Most pups adore hopping in the car and driving around town — preferably with the windows down so they can feel the rush of air on their faces!

Of course, every canine has their own way of settling in once the initial excitement has worn off. Some curl up to take a nap, while others sit contently in the passenger’s seat. As for the rest, well, they are unabashedly themselves. Check out these 10 pups who got cozy in the funniest ways!

1. He’s enjoying the fresh air with a classic arm lean.

2. She believes stretching out like a human is a far better way to sleep.

3. He doesn’t understand why anyone would face forward when they can look out the back window.

4. He’s getting the dog version of a blowout.

5. He has a need for speed.

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6. She’s popping up to say hello.

7. The poor guy just found out he won’t be the driver for this trip.

8. “This is the life.”

9. There’s nothing she loves more than the wind in her fur.

10. He likes to ride on the floor, so that’s what he will do.

Dogs never fail to make us smile! Whether they’re relaxing in the car or running circles around us, they always brighten our days.

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