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Artist Finds Creative Way To Make Use Of Old Tires — By Turning Them Into Pet Beds!

There’s something amazing about people who are able to see the potential in everything around them. As they say, one person’s trash is another’s treasure!

Amarildo Silva of Brazil is one of those unique individuals. One day, the talented artist realized he could transform discarded tires into something beautiful – and extremely useful for pets.

For the past few years, Amarildo has been turning the old rubber he comes across into cozy beds for all kinds of animals. All of them are true works of art, especially since he designs them to meet the specific needs of each furry customer.

The craftsman began the project as a way to earn some extra money. He initially settled on using discarded tires because they were cheap, but his reasoning soon became more than that. He had seen countless strays seeking refuge in abandoned tires around his home and knew they deserved better.

These days, Amarildo’s project is not only helping pets live their best lives, but it’s also improving the environment by repurposing old materials!

He makes sure each tire is washed and broken down a bit before he paints it a custom color. Next, he decorates the surface and personalizes it further with the name of whatever pet he’s making the bed for.

Finally, he adds in some cozy touches like pillows, bows, and even blankets. In other words, he gives these adorable little ones a safe place to rest, one that is created with endless amounts of love!

What a brilliant way to comfort so many animals! While Amarildo can’t get enough of bringing his furry customers style and comfort, he also hopes to create a more sustainable future – and inspire the people around him to find innovative ways to do the same!

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