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Zoo Employee Douses Maui Wildfire Flames, Saves Center Full Of Endangered Birds.

maui fire bird rescue

It takes true heroism and bravery to run toward a blazing fire. When San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance employee Jennifer Pribble spotted a fire heading towards the Maui Bird Conservation Center (MBCC), she sprang into action immediately. 

This extraordinary act of courage not only protected the endangered bird species but also showcased the unwavering dedication of individuals working tirelessly in the field of wildlife conservation.

maui fire bird center

It was a seemingly ordinary day at the MBCC when disaster struck. A fire broke out in the forest across the street, heading towards the center and its delicate avian inhabitants. The blaze was ignited when a power line fell. The sparks from the fallen line quickly became an inferno. 

Through the lens of a security camera, the world witnessed the incredible actions of Jennifer and a brave neighbor as they sprang into action to confront the flames head-on.

The footage reveals Jennifer and the neighbor fearlessly rushing towards the fire with a fire extinguisher. They managed to control the flames temporarily, preventing further spread towards the aviaries. The pair then rushed to collect a garden hose and successfully kept the fire at bay until fire crews arrived on the scene.

maui bird center fire

In an interview, Jennifer attributes her actions to instinct, stating, “In that moment, our instincts kicked in and we knew what we had to do. The goal was to keep the fire from spreading toward the aviaries.” 

While Jennifer and her neighbors fought valiantly against the flames, the arrival of the fire crews provided much-needed reinforcements. The efforts of Jennifer and the neighbor, paired with the expertise of fire crews, successfully prevented the fire from spreading further towards the conservation center. 

Because of their quick thinking, all the endangered birds and staff at the MBCC are safe and sound.

fire crew maui fire

Jennifer’s reaction to the blaze highlights the deep-rooted commitment and love for the natural world that drives those in animal care and conservation. Her instinctive actions to protect the birds housed at the MBCC was based on a knowledge of just how precious the lives there are.

The MBCC, operated by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA), serves as a sanctuary for an important endangered bird species, the Hawaiian crow, or ‘alala. The IUCN Red List classifies the species as extinct in the wild. The MBCC and SDZWA are working together to replenish the populations of this rare species. 

Jennifer Pribble’s heroic bird rescue during the devastating fire serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the world of wildlife conservation. It highlights the immense impact that individuals, driven by passion and a deep sense of responsibility, can have on protecting endangered species. 

Jennifer’s selfless actions, along with the collective efforts of her community and the dedicated firefighters, remind us of the power of unity in our efforts to preserve our planet’s biodiversity. 

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