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2 Chill Dudes Rescue Befuddled Owl Who Stowed Away On Their Fishing Boat.

Men save owl lost at sea

There’s a song lyric that goes, “I get by with a little help from my friends;” but sometimes, a stranger will do just fine! Two young men were out boating near Sarasota, Florida when they spotted a stowaway on their boat. A short-eared owl was clinging to a pole on their fishing boat. Since the men were at least 20 miles from dry land, they knew this grassland hunter was a long way from home.

“You’re a little lost, homeboy!” one of the men says cheerfully at the start of the short clip. Next, we see the little owl snugly wrapped in a dry towel as the men motor back to shore.

Video of the impromptu owl rescue was shared by one of our heroes’ sister, Paige Galdieri, on her TikTok page. The video was viewed more than 2.6 million times, then earned many views more as it went viral on sites like Reddit and Instagram. Everyone loved the guys’ cheerful demeanor and kindness, and an adorable animal didn’t hurt!

“I think your brother was just accepted into Hogwarts,” one person commented on TikTok.

Take a look at the rescue below, and be sure to share this sweet “Free Bird” moment!


My brother and his friend were fishing 20+ miles off shore and an owl landed on their boat. He doesnt have tiktok, but i knew tiktok would LOVE this!!! #animalrescue #owls #funnyanimals

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