Woman Wakes Up From Coma After Multiple Organ Failures, Claims To Have “Message From Jesus.”

With long waits, inconvenient appointment times, and expensive co-pays, it’s easy to understand why an individual who is feeling ill may avoid seeking medical treatment as long as possible. But, in the case of Yvonne Sklar, that procrastination was almost fatal. After two weeks of misery with what she was sure was the flu, Sklar passed out. After later describing her intense and painful coughs to a doctor, she learned she had developed pneumonia. However, as doctors soon explained,  pneumonia was the least of Sklar’s problems. Blood tests confirmed that infection had spread to her blood and she was heading into septic shock. Physicians needed to medically induce a coma. While in her coma, Sklar's family and friends were around at all times, supporting her and praying. It was then that Sklar’s life changed forever. According to Sklar, she visited Heaven and was given a unique message from Jesus. Sklar survived the life-threatening experience and shared her story in the video below. Check it out, and share! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN-46dJjIuI
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