You’ve Goat To Be Kidding! Couple Gets Adorably Interrupted By A Curious Creature.

There are some events you simply can’t prepare for in life. A man named Kevin learned this firsthand when he proposed to his girlfriend. For many, getting proposed to by the love of their life is a moment they’ve dreamt about for years — it’s no wonder there’s so much pressure to make it as perfect as possible! To make their moment special, Kevin chose to capture it on camera.

He placed a phone on the ground, likely making his girlfriend think he just wanted some footage of them being cute together as they enjoyed the beautiful nature that surrounded them. In the video, we see them enjoying a hug but, soon after, Kevin knocks her drink on the ground. Once she picks it up, he finds the nerve to get on one knee.

Just as we start to see her reaction, a curious goat begins to investigate the phone. With the couple fully blocked, the goat takes things one step further by knocking over the phone entirely, prompting Kevin to rush over.

While this certainly isn’t how Kevin pictured this moment going, many commenters think the moment was made all the better by the addition of this adorable creature, with one saying that this was the goat’s way of insisting they keep the moment private. Most importantly, of course, she said yes!

Watch Kevin’s adorably chaotic proposal in the video below.

@humankind He thought his #proposal was gonna be the GOAT. Turns out, he was upstaged by one! #goodnews #goatsoftiktok #proposalgonewrong ♬ Athletic Meet "Heaven and Hell" (No Introduction) – Shinonome

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