Man Lassoes 3-Legged Coyote Stuck In Retention Pond, Sets Them Free.

A three-legged coyote had to be rescued from a pond.

When one brave man spotted a coyote in need, he didn’t hesitate to help the animal! A TikTok video shows how a three-legged coyote was found in a retention pond, unable to get back out. With the help of some friends and a length of rope, the good Samaritan was able to lasso the creature and pull them back onto dry land. However, it turns out that was only half the battle!


“He’s mad now,” said a voice off-screen, as the lassoed coyote fought against the rope.

A three-legged coyote had to be rescued from a pond.
Screengrab from @lifeofsy07/TikTok

In a swift movement, one of the men managed to grab the animal by the scruff of the neck, effectively immobilizing them. Once the coyote was laying down, the rescue team was able to remove the rope. Then, the man holding onto the creature lifted them up, carried them a ways away from the group, and set them free. After being released, the coyote couldn’t get away fast enough!

These intrepid animal wranglers may have made the rescue look easy, but we’d strongly caution anyone else in this situation to call the proper authorities.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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