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“You’re Insane, You Know That?” Fox Takes Human’s Phone On A Bumpy Journey.

kimberly defisher smiling as Porsha the fox stands on her shoulders and rests her body on kimberly’s head.

Kimberly DeFisher is living every animal lover’s dream.

She’s been raising rescued wildlife and exotic pets since 2012 and, in 2020, she founded Artic Fox Daily Wildlife – this New York rehabilitation center is home to all kinds of adorable foxes and wolves. These precious creatures can’t be pets for just anyone, but they do train similarly to pups!

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Kimberly loves all of her fox friends, but one named Porsha has recently stolen the hearts of millions on TikTok. This wild-born Red Fox is as silly as they get. While she was loved and treated well in her last home, her owner didn’t have the proper licensing to keep her.

Because there was a chance Porsha could get euthanized if word got out that she owned her, the previous owner chose to contact Kimberly, who was happy to take the four-legged cutie!

“Porsha has a fun, youthful personality, and she goes between super sassy to super loving in seconds,” her bio says on the sanctuary’s website. “She’s a great example of why it’s so important to be able to recognize and be familiar with body language when working with foxes. She’s a very comical fox!”

@arcticfoxdaily Ah, such peaceful, quiet mornings with Porsha.. 😆 #wildliferescue #wildliferehab #foxsanctuary #wolfdog #wolfsanctuary #wolfhybrid #wildlife #redfox #arcticfox #foxkit #babyfox #fyp #furfarm #furfarmrescue ♬ original sound – Kimberly DeFisher

Because Porsha is known to excitedly greet Kimberly, their reunions are sometimes captured on camera. The latest footage didn’t turn out like she expected, but it certainly conveys just how much this adorable creature loves her mom!

Porsha starts off by rushing towards Kimberly, making laugh-like squeaks along the way. Kimberly is happy to give her lots of pets as she lays on the ground, but things start to escalate when Porsha jumps on her. In an instant, Kimberly’s phone is taken from her and we go from seeing Porsha to getting a glimpse of her journey as she rushes to bury the phone into a hole she found nearby.

@arcticfoxdaily 😅🤣 I wish you guys could see the bite marks in my screen protector. #wildliferescue #wildliferehab #foxsanctuary #wolfdog #wolfsanctuary #wolfhybrid #wildlife #redfox #arcticfox #foxkit #babyfox #fyp #furfarm #furfarmrescue #ReTokforNature ♬ original sound – Kimberly DeFisher

“You’re insane, you know that?” Kimberly said at the end of the video. “I love you still.”

It seems like there’s never a dull moment at the Artic Fox Daily Wildlife, especially with Porsha around, but we don’t think that this animal lover would have it any other way!

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