“You’re Gonna See Me In Heaven.” Wife Reassures Dying Husband That “It’s Okay To Leave.”

A man sits, looking anxious, as his wife talks to him and has an arm on his shoulder.

When given the opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one before they pass away, I can only imagine how difficult it is to find the right words to day. Two years ago, Annie Jeanie Judis was faced with this very situation. Her husband of 44 years, who seemed to have been in the care of a medical professional, was expected to pass away very soon. This was difficult for both Annie and her husband, and she shared her husband’s emotional last words.

Naturally, her husband was afraid. And one of the reasons why is because he didn’t want to leave his wife. Hearing this must have been so hard for Annie, but she remained strong as she calmed and reassured her husband that she’d be taken care of and that he didn’t need to feel guilty for letting go.

A man looks loving at his wife, who we can't fully see in this image. What we can see of her is her arm as she gently caresses her husband's face. A caretaker rests a hand on his shoulder, too.

“She’s going to take good care of me, okay?” the now 80-year-old said, referring to her husband’s caretaker. “It’s okay to leave me because you’re going to see me in heaven.”

Annie captured this moment on camera so she’d always have her husband’s last words to her. At the start of the video, it’s clear that her husband’s anxiety is high. But by the end, Annie’s comforting words calmed him down.

“Now I can share my husband’s last words to me,” Annie wrote on Instagram. “I love love him so much. Miss him so much … You’re not suffering. No pain, no anxiety, no diabetes, no high blood pressure, no more dialysis. You’re now resting in peace.”

Watch the emotional video below to see this dying husband’s last words to his wife.

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