Gwen Stefani’s Sweet Song For Husband Blake Shelton Melts Hearts On “The Voice.”

Close up of Gwen Stefani singing "True Babe" on "The Voice."

There’s a reason superstars like Gwen Stefani are Coaches on “The Voice” — they’re absolutely incredible at what they do! During most of the show, we see them take on the role of mentor, but as the season comes to a close, some of them have been taking to the stage themselves. For Reba McEntire, that meant performing her new song, dedicated to her late mother. For Stefani, that meant bringing her latest solo work, “True Babe,” to “The Voice” stage.

This is the first solo song that Stefani has released since 2021, making it a particularly exciting one for her fans. Plus, the topic of the song couldn’t be sweeter — it’s all about her love for her country-star husband, and former “Voice” Coach, Blake Shelton!

Stefani began to take the music world by storm in 1986, and her decades of experience shines through in this energetic performance. She sports a vibrant yet comfortable looking outfit, with colors that go perfectly with the carefully decorated stage.

She performs on a platform amidst overgrown flora of all shapes and sizes. Behind her on screen is a moving display that changes colors, perfect for expressing the feelings of love she shares in the song.

Gwen Stefani Performs “True Babe” on “The Voice”

Gwen Stefani singing "True Babe" on "The Voice." As Stefani stands amidst the flora on stage, the screen behind her displays a close up of her face amidst wavy colors.

“We could stay home and never leave, never leave,” Stefani sings, later adding in the bridge, “And we’re from two different worlds, but you still call me your pretty girl, pretty girl. Before you, it was all a blur.”

Fans are comparing the style of “True Babe” to when Stefani was in a band called “No Doubt,” and I’d have to agree! It very much feels like a classic Stefani song in the best way.

Plus, the pure joy she has when singing this song is contagious! And despite how much Stefani moves around on stage, she manages to have an impressive amount of control over her voice. There’s no doubt she absolutely nailed this performance!

Watch Gwen Stefani energetically perform “True Babe” on “The Voice” in the electric video below.

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