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Mom Laughs Hysterically As Tech-Savvy Son Tries To Work Old-School Rotary Phone.

son tries to use rotary phone

Technology has changed a lot in the past 30 years.

People of a certain age remember life before cell phones… when we had to find a pay phone or a landline every time we wanted to make a call. There was no such thing as smartphones or texting or Wi-Fi… or even internet, for that matter. It’s hard to imagine now when we have tiny computer phones in our pockets and we’re connected to the internet basically all the time, but it’s true. And it wasn’t even that long ago!

Show of hands; who remembers having a rotary-dial landline phone hanging on the wall of their kitchen growing up? Or maybe a handset sitting on a special table in the hallway, with a pen and paper next to it for taking down messages?

Wikimedia Commons

You just don’t see these relics from a prior time that often anymore!

Kimberly Phillips of Parks, Louisiana, owns an old rotary dial phone like this one, and she recently took a video of her son, Braylon, as he tried to make a call on the old-fashioned phone for the first time.


Like most young men his age, Braylon is a fairly tech-savvy kid. He owns his own cell phone and knows his way around a computer and tablet like the back of his hand.

Yet, when he encounters a rotary phone, he’s just plain stumped… not that he’d ever admit it, though!


Braylon’s first mistake when using the phone is that he doesn’t lift the receiver before dialing. Instead, he treats it like a newer digital phone; he just starts dialing.


The poor kid’s frustration starts to mount as he makes several attempts. Meanwhile, Kimberly is laughing uproariously from behind the camera. He just cannot get the hang of it!


Braylon is such a good sport! Hopefully, Mom taught him how to use the phone after the video ended.

Watch a new generation tackle some old technology in the funny video below, and be sure to share with someone who remembers using one of these as a kid!

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