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Young Brother & Sister Team Up For Adorable Duet Of “A Thousand Years”

A brother and sister singing and playing music together.

A brother and sister made quite an impression during their elementary school talent show with their beautiful duet of Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. You won’t be able to watch their performance without your heart melting! First grader Olivia Ramirez sang the soulful piece while her big brother, third-grader Joaquin, accompanied her on ukulele. Everyone in the audience was enraptured while they played together!

Not only were this brother and sister too cute while delivering their duet, but they were also insanely talented for their ages! At the end of the song, the audience went wild with applause. Their performance was recorded and uploaded to social media, where it’s been receiving hundreds of thousands of views.

One of the sweetest moments of this duet was when the brother and sister shared a quick glance before Joaquin joined in with vocals. Olivia had the biggest smile on her face when her older sibling started singing with her!

Viewers on social media absolutely loved seeing this precious duo cover Christina Perri’s emotional love song.

“You are so talented!” wrote one commenter. “Keep practicing EVERY DAY. You WILL be famous!”

This is one very musical family!

A brother and sister singing and playing music together.
Screengrab from YouTube

As far as getting famous, it looks like the Ramirez siblings are working on it! They have quite a few impressive videos on their YouTube channel, JOYS Music, showcasing their incredible talents. In another amazing clip, Joaquin performed solo during a music school recital. His rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Shivers was seriously sweet!

“JOYS refers to the band of siblings Joaquin, Olivia, and Yara (and possibly later on, Stella),” reads the description on the family’s YouTube channel. “These young talents enjoy singing and making music together, but also mostly love eating good food and making things from scratch.”

After seeing Joaquin and Olivia’s heartfelt brother-sister duet, we’re sure these musical kids are headed for great things!

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