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You Probably Never Spotted This Crazy Easter Egg In Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc!”

This TikToker discovered a hidden Pixar reference.

If you’re a die-hard Pixar fan, you already know that their animated movies are insanely detailed. However, one TikToker recently pointed out a hidden reference in “Monsters, Inc.” that proves just how much thought goes into creating these family films! Self-proclaimed “movie detective” Ivan Mars took a closer look at the scene where a monster is terrified of a child instead of the other way around. Although the child is never shown, Ivan may have just figured out that this character has actually appeared in a previous Pixar film!

In the background of the scene, a poster can be seen in the kid’s bedroom before the door closes. It turns out that we’ve seen this piece of paraphernalia before. In “Toy Story,” the same poster is hanging in the room of none other than Sid Phillips, the mean boy who liked to disfigure his toys. No wonder the monster in “Monsters, Inc.” was scared!

Watch the video below to see Ivan Mars crack the code behind this clever Easter egg.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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