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You Might Be Part Of Gen X If You Instantly Recognize These 15 Nostalgic Things.

video arcade and Sony Walkman

People talk so much about millennials and baby boomers that it’s easy to forget the “middle child” generation, but that’s okay. We’re used to it!

Generation X is defined as anyone born between 1969 and 1984. We’re the last generation to grow up without the internet, but the first to grow up with personal computers at home. We’re the latchkey kids who subscribed to Columbia House to build our CD collections, invented grunge music, and made flannel shirts cool. On Reddit, people are sharing “THE most Gen X things,” and we relate to every single response. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Before iTunes or Spotify, we didn’t have “playlists.” We made mixtapes the hard way.

2. We spent a lot of time hoarding quarters so we could play Ms. Pac-Man and Q*Bert.

3. We were all pros at winding tape back into cassettes. It was an art form!

4. Don’t forget putting tinfoil on your rabbit ears to get better TV reception.

5. First there were Cabbage Patch Kids. Then, there were…

6. You either had one of these, or you desperately wanted one. There were no other options.

7. We’ve got to blame M.C. Hammer for this one.

8. Some of us maaaay still have these gathering dust in storage somewhere.

9. The first time we heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was transformative.

10. Most of us were in our early 20s when we got our first mobile phone, and we thought we were so cool. (Because we were!)

11. As latchkey kids we kind of always did just go with the flow.

12. We were all required to memorize “Rapper’s Delight.” No exceptions.

13. These days, we can barely remember our own numbers, but back then we could rattle them off with ease.

14. It was time to go home when the street lights turned on.

15. The 80s kid starter pack:

Fellow Gen Xers, we don’t know about you… but we finally feel seen! We may not make as much noise as other generations, but we are an essential piece of the puzzle. Fun, capable, resourceful. What’s not to love?

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