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15 Unstoppable Laughing Fits That Are Dangerously Contagious

anchor woman throws her head back and laughs, family and baby laugh at reflections in mirror

Have you ever had something hit your funny bone in just the right way, and you just could not stop laughing? We sure have!

There’s nothing quite like the lighthearted feeling you get when you finally wipe away the tears of glee and catch your breath. Prepare yourself for that feeling, because after watching the videos below, we guarantee you’ll be laughing too!

1. Two paramedics get a serious case of the giggles while talking about International Paramedics Day. Why’s that funny? They don’t even know!

2. Weatherman loses it after tripping on screen during a live broadcast.

3. “That is so cute!” Video of a baby doing CPR tickles anchorwoman’s funny bone.

4. The pig’s name is Chris P. Bacon. Can you blame this reporter for laughing? (We can’t!)

5. This baby is trying to take a drink of water from a big-girl glass, which she finds hilarious! Those dimples already have us swooning, not to mention those full-body giggles!

6. Laughter is a family affair for this adorable trio. Try not to smile: We dare you.

7. Who could keep a straight face when you’ve got an elephant trunk on your head? Not us!

8. This little guy’s belly laugh is so good, it oughta be illegal.

9. Someone told a joke 10 minutes ago, and she just cannot. Stop. Laughing!

10. Did you know that laughter is contagious? It’s true, and here’s the proof.

11. We don’t know who is having more fun practicing their alphabet: dad or this delightfully giggly baby!

12. It’s a simple question, but laughter got in the way of her answer… repeatedly!


When the Giggles hit, they never leave 😂 Abbie Larkin 🌟 #coygig #giggles #ireland #womensfootball #abbielarkin

♬ original sound – Ireland

13. “You lost me at ‘pickled egg.'” Morning show cohosts go off the rails while discussing, of all things, mince pies.

14. All it took was a creaky chair to send this news anchor into fits of laughter.

15. The sight of a zillion safety cones makes two grown men giggle like a couple of kids.

Are you laughing yet? Life is too short not to experience the joy of getting the giggles from time to time.

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