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“You Love Me?” Teen’s Reunion With Boyfriend After Wisdom Teeth Surgery Is Everything.

A blonde young woman leans back in the car, mouth agape. She just had her wisdom teeth removed. A young man stands outside her window. Text on the image reads “You have a boyfriend.”

When under the influence of anesthesia, people can end up saying or doing some of the silliest things. That’s why, when Isabella Smith had to get her wisdom teeth removed, she begged her mom, Miranda Smith, to record her when the procedure was over. In this teen’s mind, she expected to either be fully aware or cry a lot. Turns out, she never could have predicted what would actually happen.

As Mom and daughter spoke in the car, Isabella’s boyfriend, Joey, approached. Though, the still-recovering patient was unaware of his presence. When Miranda made her aware that Joey was there, not only was Isabella not confident she knew him, she was shocked to discover that he is her boyfriend!

When Isabella finally laid eyes on her “new” boyfriend (who she has known for 11 years), she couldn’t stop raving about how pretty he looks. The real shock came, however, when she discovered that he loves her! Thank goodness Isabella asked her Mom to capture this unforgettably wholesome moment!

Watch Isabella and Joey’s heartwarming reunion in the video below.

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