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“You Could Hear A Pin Drop.” Country Singer Performs Raw Song About Losing His Dad.

A two-photo collage. The first one is a close up of Mitch Rossell looking emotional as holds his hat to his chest and looks at the “AGT” crowd giving him a standing ovation. The second image shows the massive “AGT” crowd standing up, cheering him on.

Growing up, Mitch Rossell and his Dad bonded over their love of country music. The two of them would often sing together in the car. That’s why, even though they were poor, he bought Mitch his own guitar. At the time, though, Mitch was more focused on sports and didn’t take the time to learn. Then, tragedy struck when he was only 10 years old.

In an instant, Mitch lost three family members in a drunk driving accident, including his Dad. Years later when in high school, he picked up a guitar, hoping to connect with his Dad. In doing so, he discovered his dream, one that has led him to the “America’s Got Talent” stage. It took years for this talented artist to write a song about the fatal crash, but having a son of his own gave him the push he needed.

As Mitch’s story unfolded in the words of his song, there was total silence in the venue. Every single person was hanging onto every word he sang. Each one painted a powerful picture of what Mitch has been through, and it moved folks in a way that left many with tears in their eyes.

“You could hear a pin drop through the entire performance, and it was sincere,” Simon Cowell said. “I really, really think people are going to connect with you, the song – this was a great audition. Brilliant.”

Watch Mitch deliver a heartfelt performance in the video below.

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