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Moms Connected By Heart Transplant Bring “Wicked” Song To Life In “Magical Moment.”

Holly and Kim hold hands as they look at each other and sing on the "America's Got Talent" stage.

Music has a way of connecting people from all walks of life, something that couldn’t be more true for Holly and Kim, two moms whose “America’s Got Talent” performance didn’t leave a dry eye in the house. When the two of them first introduced themselves on stage, it wasn’t clear how they were connected. Holly is a high school English teacher in Odessa, New York while Kim is a full-time mom in Eugene, Oregon. Their connection, however, goes all the way back to 2007.

That was the year that Holly’s son, Jake, passed away. Because he was signed up to be an organ donor, Jake’s heart was given to Kim’s own son, Beckham, who was only 16 days old when the transplant took place. The two moms had never met before.

Years later, Kim decided to reach out to Holly in a letter. From there, the two of them stayed in touch. This is how they discovered that their connection runs even deeper than they thought.

When it was time for Holly to say goodbye to her son, she sang “For Good” from the musical “Wicked.” Then, when Kim was finally able to see Beckham after his heart transplant surgery, it seems that a certain song was on her own heart.

“I wasn’t allowed to hold him,” Kim recalled. “I could just kind of stroke his head and the first thing I did when I stroked his head is I sang that song.”

Moved by the way this song seemingly confirmed that they were meant to be in each other’s lives, they chose to perform it together on the “AGT” stage, all for the purpose of raising awareness about organ donation.

“If we can change the heart of one person, it’s worth it,” Kim said.

The deep connection Holly and Kim have with this song and each other comes through crystal clear in the way they sing. At one point, they reach out for the other’s hand, no doubt calming any nerves they may have had at that moment.

To top off this incredibly moving performance, Beckham was just off stage, proudly watching. Then, when Howie Mandel asked about him, he was brought onto the stage himself, causing the audience to erupt into applause.

“The connection, how that song links you together it was actually remarkable and, let me tell you something, this will make a difference what you’ve just done,” Simon Cowell said. “It really, really will.”

Watch Holly and Kim deliver an emotional performance of “For Good” in the video below.

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